The Goddess

The Goddess
Performance and installation, presented and performed at Weekly Mass, curated by Simona Dumitriu and Tawanda Appiah at Skånes Konstförening

Camera: Robbert Vera Ek

Ancient religious belief systems tell us of fantastic gods and goddesses in possession of superpowers. Those deities might have been one or several real persons, which over time were merged into one character. In the performance I play The Goddess, a representation of several persons from the past.

The Goddess receives visitors in an installation/settlement. They are genderless or multigendered, living and inanimate. If you approach them, they will share their story with you.

”Born in a celtic pagan clan 1000 years ago. At their welcoming ceremony, the druids opened up their energy to the world by making a swirling motion over their chest. They were brought up in a roundhouse on a hillside of modern day Roscommon, west Ireland. They helped their clan with keeping the fire burning and celebrated each full moon by gathering in a circle and join together the energies of the clan.

They traveled with voyagers to distant shores. The ship struck ground once and they shouted out in fear. As the vessel was steered into safe waters, a cold wind came and chilled the sweat of their body. 

We find them again in a Flemish noble house ravaged by the plague. As they watched the entire house succumb to the disease, and being the only one still standing, they’re frozen in lament over the suffering. Escapes Flandern and leaves behind a testimony of the horrors. 

Traveling, over land, presenting as a male in stealth in one of the armies of Saxony during the Thirty Year War, as a way of getting by in a desperate time.

Working as a midwife in Paris in the mid 1800s, going from home to home, delivering the children of the lower classes. As ritual, they always took a deep breath before opening each new door, as they fought the feeling of unease, never knowing what to expect.

An egyptologist (dressed as male) in 30s London. Unlocks secrets and learns about the worship of the sun as a deity, and the many forms and abilities of gods and goddesses. 

Living as an artist and costume designer. Once, while being at the wake of a friend and standing in a room full of women from a distant culture, their name was called out by the grieving mother. They had made a dear garment for her late son.

They are you and you are them.”