An Afternoon – video work

Image from the video work An Afternoon.
Image from the video work An Afternoon
Image from the video work An Afternoon

Silent two channel video projection, English subtitles 
20 min, 3 min excerpt.

The video shows a meeting between myself and a Swedish sex worker, who claimed she chose to sell sex and said didn’t do so because she was in need of the money. 

The woman was asked to participate in a role play where I played her clients. 

The scenes are cut where anything sexual would begin if the situation was real. 

All dialogue was decided by the escort, and is based on her own experiences.

The left side of the video shows the reenacted meetings, and the right side shows how we discuss and set up the scenes. 

While deciding on how to act out scenes, the woman speaks very freely about her situation and her clients. She mentions, among other things, that her regular job is doing therapy sessions.