Millennium Star at Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen, 2020

Millennium Star at Sydhavn Station
Performance, installation and billboard image

Part of the group exhibition Hamn – with Arngrimur Borgthorsson, Maria Norrman, Maja Gade Christensen, Anders S. Solberg, Sofia Wickman.

Curated by Maja Gade Christensen and Anne Skole Overgaard.
Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen, Denmark

Millennium Star lip synced to Danish songs related to Copenhagen as well as the ever present theme of love and the artist role. Millennium changed outfit in the dressing room for each new performance.
The performances took place during the covid-19 pandemic with restrictions being implemented in Denmark, which gave flavour to songs such as ”Er København Den Samme Som Den Var En Gang” (Is Copenhagen the same as it used to be?)

The billboard image Millennium Star Serving Fish is shown in the public space of S-train station Sydhavn (south harbor.) The title references ”serving fish” – the drag term for presenting femininity/passing as a biological woman – as well as Millenniums gesture of serving ”fish” on a plate – showing marine related debris gathered by Norrman on her many litter picking sessions around the waters of Öresund.

Parts of found plastic trash is incorporated into the nets hanging from the crown of Millennium’s sea goddess outfit. The sea theme is a wink to the statue of a fisher woman which used to be placed by Sydhavn station, as well as a reference to Norrmans home region of Bohuslän, known for its seaside and the stereotypes connected to it.