Swedness and Cecilia
12 min (Swedness), 15 min (Cecilia)

Swedness and Cecilia are two videos about Swedish-American culture, shot on different trips to Minnesota. I investigate how Swedish heritage and culture is perceived and celebrated by Swedish-Americans.

In Swedness, I partake in and document a Midsummer celebration held at a Scandinavian heritage museum in Scandia, Minnesota. I awkwardly “perform” Swedish culture, for example, by dancing around the Maypole and other traditions linked to my culture.

Cecilia is a portrait of one of my American relatives, a daughter of Swedish emigrants who was keen on keeping the contact with Sweden. In the video, we hear other relatives talk about her and her family, and paint a picture of a strong, one-of-a-kind woman, and of a Swedish-American immigrant family’s ways and traditions.


5 min excerpt
Password: swedness


5 min excerpt
Password: cecilia