Maria Norrman’s work explore the meeting between hers and other people's fantasies, which often relate to how clothing, bodies, identities and genders are perceived and presented. Norrman often examine how history is used as a tool for relating to one's surroundings, or as a strategy to repress it. The work explore why we fantasise and create images about topics such as war history, gender and sexuality. 

With her curiosity as a driving force she often looks into different groups of people who act on the fringes of mainstream society, or are engaged with activities that are displaced from its original context.

By taking part in the work herself, Norrman puts her appearances and gender expressions in relation to the participants, which create a dynamic situation in the tension between them. Their conversations often build up the central narrative.

Norrmans main mediums are video and photography. She also works with costume making and clothing, performance and installation.